Paleo and the Primal Lifestyle

Welcome to The Primal Larder.

Our goal is to help and educate people about the benefits of ancestral practices in a primal lifestyle using Paleo and show that even small changes intelligently applied can make a big impact on a modern lifestyle.

Humans were never designed to be sick or overweight or addicted to video technology. We were designed to be expert hunter gatherers and millions of years of evolution did a truly amazing job of making us outstanding at those tasks in just about any habitat.

However, in the modern Western world many of the attributes that were selection advantages for survival are now more hindrance than help. The ability to store energy as body fat was essential during times of hardship but today with 24 hour access to poor quality calories that just means we get fat easily. If you are always struggling to stay fit or feel out of place in this modern world it may not be your fault we need to return to a Primal Lifestyle. Cravings for sweets and the urge to lay in bed all day are natural parts of what makes us, homo sapiens, the most successful species ever to live on this planet.

Our physical make up has changed little over the last 300,000 years and our ability to innovate has truly left our biology behind. We are ancient creatures trying to survive in a foreign environment and many of us are not doing well. The good news is that our history holds answers to many modern problems and by applying small changes to our eating and activity habits and by managing stress a significant improvement in quality of life can be achieved within a reasonably short amount of time using paleo for for a primal lifestlyle.

We are not talking about “A Diet” or “A Program” or a “6-Week This or That”, a primal lifestyle means making small and sustainable changes that fit into your daily routine and offer value. There are general guidelines that bring us closer to behaviours and activities that have been proven to help our species thrive but there is no “perfect prescription” because within that species we all have our own individual needs. Age, sex, medical history, goals, present everyone with their own starting point and path to follow.

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